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My teenage girls joined Isle of Skye less than two years ago and have gone from complete beginners to winning competitions. Since they started competing, they have been awarded three aggregates, as well as best dancer in their age category, and have placed in multiple events at each of 5 competitions. Lindsey has helped my daughters find a passion. When we first came to Isle of Skye, we had tried gymnastics, martial arts and swimming. There was not a true commitment or enjoyment while doing these activities. After just a couple of classes, my daughters fell in love with Highland dance. Much of that discovery was the engaging, understanding, positive instruction they were provided. They look forward coming to class and enjoy practicing anywhere at any time. You can't imagine the joy it brings me to watch them dance their way through amusement parks and even in the lines at restaurants. The laughter and joy Lindsey has brought to my family through Highland Dance is priceless. We are so happy to be part of the Isle of Skye Family.

-Maria Hoover

Have you ever had a random meeting turn into a priceless gift? Well, that's what happened shortly after we moved to Dunedin. My husband JJ met this pretty lady and her husband one night while he was exploring a couple of the craft breweries in our sweet new hometown. Little did we know she would become someone who loves us and our daughter like family as we do her. She's sparked a passion in our girl for highland dancing with her gracious, skillful teaching style, unwavering support and respect for our kids and their individuality. Lindsey is just one of those special people that if you're lucky to know her, you're lucky enough. We love you to bits Miss Lindsey. You're one of a kind.

-Heather O'Connor

Miss Lindsey of Isle of Skye is absolutely outstanding. She is a dedicated, talented artist who brightens up each and every room she enters. Lindsey has a unique ability to connect with each dancer and parent; creating a loving, inclusive environment for all to flourish! We have grown to love her like family. My 7 year old has been with Lindsey for 3 years and she looks forward to dancing twice a week, practices at home and has a blast each and every time. My daughter has won many awards and medals, including a trophy in the very first beginner competition she competed in and a trophy for Most Promising Beginner! We owe it all to Lindsey. 

-Shawna Nelsen

My daughter has been dancing since she was 3 years old with Lindsey (and the other great instructors!) at Isle of Skye. We took a break from dance after Covid but when my daughter came back over a year ago she was welcomed with open arms.

In the last year she has grown exponentially as a dancer, performing and competing fearlessly. She has also created close relationships with other dancers from class and we love how Lindsey fosters a team environment within her dance school.

Highland dance has helped developed my daughter’s self-esteem and personal responsibility in a big way and we have Lindsey to thank for that. She’s a great dance teacher but she also becomes her student’s biggest supporter. We love being part of the Isle of Skye family and are so grateful to have Lindsey!

-K. Everett

Isle of Skye is an amazing highland dance school. My daughter started at 3.5 and has thrived in the last 2.5 years. She has won first place in numerous competitions and had so much fun at the various performances in which she has gotten to be involved. Lindsey is an amazing and caring teacher and has a staff of wonderful  instructors.

-Leigh-Ann Robinson

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